Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Student Teaching Day 2: First OFFICIAL day

Today was my actual “first day” of school. I arrived at school and immediately got to work, making copies of papers and opening the gym windows. In the morning I have hall duty. I stand upstairs on the 3rd floor and make sure students get to where they need to be. We didn’t have a first period class today because the 8th grade students had a meeting in the cafeteria about rules and regulations while they are in the cafeteria. After this meeting, my host teacher and I went downstairs to get ready for our next class. In class today we went over emergency contact information and had the student fill out index cards with personal information. Then we talked to the students about flag football and cross-country. After our second period class we had our last 8th period class. In addition to our 8th grade classes, we have a very energetic fourth grade class that combines. This class in particular includes students with special needs. At the end of the day we have bus duty, which means we go up to the 3rd floor and we try to round all the kids up to get on the bus. None of the teachers knew what was going on as far as the new procedure goes for getting kids on the bus. There was clearly a lack of communication somewhere and it caused a little bit of stress for the teachers. I learned a valuable lesson today and that is no matter where you work, things need to be communicated to the staff otherwise it causes stress for individuals because then not everyone is on the same page.  

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