Thursday, February 16, 2012

New School Lunch Rules

The battle for quality school lunches has been an ongoing process for way too long. On January 25th of 2012, the new USDA School Nutrition Standards were announced. This means that schools will deliver much healthier meals to children all across the nation!

The Standards include:
- both fruit and vegetable choices 
- increased whole grain options
- offering only low fat or fat free milk
- insuring proper portion sizes based on age
- focus on reducing saturated fat, trans fats and sodium

Now these are just small steps in the right direction to help make our students healthy and get them to make healthier live choices but our efforts should not stop here.

Some other things we can do as educators should include making a bulletin board or display table in the cafeteria showing off some of the new food options that will be coming to the school's meals.

Create simple fact sheets about the new guidelines for the staff in your school. Share them at staff meetings and invite them to try the new, improved school lunches.

Have surveys about the new menu choices or have a small group of students answer questions about their  favorite fruit, vegetable, and whole grain choices to help assist with future menu planning.

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