Thursday, April 21, 2011

Under Armour's New Innovative Technology

Technology has certainly come a long way and as days turn to months and months to years the technology only gets more and more advanced. I happened to stumble across a friends Facebook page and found an article about a new innovative technology from Under Armour. This new technology is the first of it's kind! 

It's called the E-39 and is the world's most innovative athletic evaluation and improvement tool that measures accuracy and precision. It's an electronic compression base layer that tracks your heart and breathing rate, G-Force and horsepower gauge as well as body positioning. The data stored in the heart of the shirt transmits to a computer or handheld. It's a great way for anyone to look at the data and use it to create your next work out. The E-39 will not be released until sometime in 2012 but the E-39 has already made an appearance at this past years NFL combine. 

I feel like this will be a great asset to any athlete because as an athlete who wouldn't want to see how they're performing? Also who wouldn't want to get better? The information athletes and coaches can see from this little device can help direct which way to take training and practices. The only thing I am worried about is how much this product will cost. Under Armour typically usually runs around $50 before tax. In addition to that you need to bring a computer outside which how many places to you know of that has Wi-Fi outside? Also the program will no doubt cost some sort of money, so I'm interested to see how much this will cost the average consumer. What about the rain? Is this product water proof? I would love to be a test subject for this product and I'm super excited to see the possibilities for sport performance and enhancing sport performance from this product. 

For more information and receive updates on Under Armour's E-39 click here.

To see the E-39 at work, watch the video below

To see a look inside the technology, watch the video below

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