Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WRUP - What Are You Playing?: Wiffle Ball

Now many of you might not be familiar with this logo but this is the official Wiffle Ball logo. 
Don't know what Wiffle Ball is? Wiffle ball is basically the same thing as baseball only players use a ball with holes in it and a plastic bat. 
For official rules click here

It started off sunny with temps in the high 40's yesterday in Buffalo, NY so my friends and I decided it was time we start bringing out the bats and wiffle balls and get our season started. We started our game at 5PM at Como park. The field was moderately dry but mostly wet with patches of mud. This wasn't going to stop us though. We played for a solid two hours! Towards the end it was freezing cold and everyone just wanted to go home. We decided that we couldn't let the game end without a winner. The score was 0-0 at the top of the 3rd but then Team A scored 1 run. With two outs following the score, my team took to the plate. My friend Brian hit a single but was tagged out, and my friend Max was intentionally walked to bring me to the plate. I had two strikes right from the start but then caught a break with 2 balls, the next pitch was thrown and hit it right into right field where nobody was standing. It was only a single but it allowed for my teammates to make bases loaded. My friend Brian was up next and hit a homer all the way to center field helping us win the game! It was a glorious day for Wiffle Ball! 

Now we love Wiffle Ball as much as the next person, but some people REALLY love Wiffle Ball
Click here to watch a video about people who loved the game so much, they built their own stadium in their yard! What are some sports or activities that you are playing over break? Leave a comment below and let me know! Also let me know some crazy things you've done for sports and activities you liked to do. 

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