Tuesday, March 1, 2011

License Plate For Your Bike?

Everyone loves riding a bike during the summer! It's a great way to stay and shape and get a breath of fresh air! But what if you had to pay a fee to have a license plate on your bike? Would you still want to ride your bike? Law makers in Albany are desperate for cash and are considering legislation that would require license plates for all bikes. This idea has people all over New York furious!

This legislation would require bikes to be registered, licensed, and pass inspection. One bill will apply to privately owned two-wheelers. The other bill will address commercially-operated bikes and require insurance. The plates would cost $25 for the "family" version and $50 for the "commercial" tags. The $25 license plates would produce nearly $2 million for the state in the first year, and with annual renewal fees, about $300,000 each year after the law becomes effective.

The author of the bills, Queens Assemblyman Michael DenDekker says that bicycles are considered moving vehicles in New York and more bike riders are using public thoroughfares and someone has to pay. The bills would also exempt riders 18 and under.

I personally feel that this is a horrible idea! How can someone put a price on being active and put a price on the enjoyment that others get from riding bikes? I personally ride my bike all over my town during the summer and have bills and shool/books to pay for, and now I'm supposed to give more money to NYS? This is outrageous! A lot of people train on bicycles during the summer and often will take the reflector off the bike. Make them put a license plate on their bike and that might start a riot! If the bill does pass, what comes next? Do we charge people to put a license plate on a skateboard? Or make people wear a tag that says their name and contact info when they run?

What do you think about the idea of this law? Answer the poll and leave a comment below!

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