Monday, March 21, 2011

Grab Your Broomsticks, It's Time For Quidditch!

Today started the first day students from Professor Yang's EDU 255 class would begin teaching their Lab C. I was involved in a lot of really activities like Cricket and Krumping, but the one activity that I was really excited about being involved in was Quidditch!

Now most of us probably have seen at least one Harry Potter film or read at least one Harry Potter books. Quidditch is the fictional sport that they play at Hogwarts which is described as being a extremely rough and semi-contact sport. Since 2003 many teams from over 200 colleges are affiliated with the International Quidditch Association. This game not only appeals to Harry Potter fans but many college students in general.

For a list of rules and a guide book on everything you'll need to know about Quidditch click here.

Now I had to admit when I heard there was a club team here at Cortland all I could picture was a bunch of kids in capes riding around fake broom sticks getting hit with soccer balls. Since my experience today I have a new found respect for these individuals.

Not only in this game unique it's a bit challenging! Most people have a hard time catch a ball and throwing a ball, now imagine holding onto a broom stick that is stationed between your legs and trying to catch that same ball! Sounds difficult right? It took me a few tries but eventually I had the hang of it. You couldn't just try and catch the ball one handed, if you did chances are the ball just bounced off your hand, you had to give a little in order to catch the ball. It was so much fun just running around with a lacrosse stick (normally it'd be a broom) between your legs trying to dodge people and catch a ball. Another thing you had to look out for was the bludgers! In the Harry Potter world bludgers can break bones and give people concussions this however is not the case for actual players, although getting hit by a soccer ball will hurt! So as you're trying to run with a stick between your legs, catch the "quaffle" one handed, you have to keep your eyes peeled for "bludgers". It's really something every college student should experience! So once you dodge the bludgers, your objective is to score the quaffle into a net to score points. Now usually games can last a while but whatever finds the "golden snitch" is the winner and the game ends. Now sadly I didn't get to participate in a full game and be put in a game like situation due to time but I'm sure playing in a real game would be an incredible experience!

It's important for us as future educators to break out of our comfort zone because sometimes we may shy away from something that looks "silly" or is different from what were used to. If we don't experience new things then we can't grow as people and as future educators. So what are some things that you tried and experienced lately? What were your opinions prior? How did you feel afterwards? Leave a comment below and share your stories! Let your voices be heard!

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