Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Up and Getting Active!

Today was the first day of sessions at the National AAHPERD conference here in San Diego. I started off my day at a session called Imagination in Motion: Guiding Active Play Through Children's Imaginations. 

This session was all about having students use their imagination during activities to help teach them words, shapes, animals and most importantly locomotor movement patterns. This was a fantastic lesson! I've never sweated so much during an hour and half session like I did during this one! The presenter was enthusiastic and really made things interesting. We all know how hard it can be to come up with new games and new ideas... after being in this session I acquired 12-15 games that I could use and make variations for! 

For more information on these and other games please click here.

After this session I sure had worked up an appetite! I headed down to the Exhibition area and explored what they had to offer! 
If someone were to ask what they had on display at the convention I would tell to them ask what they didn't show at the convention because it'd be a shorter list!

After lunch there was one more session I wanted to attend that that was Bringing Disc Sports Indoors. This was another active session that involved learning what Frolf is and how to play! The session started out with learning the different types of frisbees used in Frolf. They're very different from Ultimate Frisbees! So after learning about the different types of frisbees used we watch the World Champion Frolf player for men demonstrate how to putt using the putter disc. We learned how to shift our weight and not really rotate as much like you would playing frisbee. From there we were given the opportunity to actually use the putter disc and practice putting. It's a lot different Ultimate and it took me some time before to get used to snapping my wrist more. After this we went over some basic throws in Ultimate (backhand, forehand, hammer throw, etc.) After we learned how to Disc Lacrosse! Now you may be thinking to yourself, how in the world can somebody play disc lacrosse? Well you need disc golf cages and then you mark off 9ft around that cage. Students use the same rules as Ultimate only they can only score by getting the frisbee in the cage. The trick is they can't pass the cones! They also can't take 3 steps once they obtain possession of the disk. Again, the rules except for these little details are just the same as Ultimate rules. 

Overall it was a great first day at the conference! I was able to network with others and introduce my self to other professionals! One lady even told me to come to her school in WI because they love Cortland students! It's truly an experience that I wish everyone could experience! I can't wait to see what the conference brings my tomorrow! Can't wait to get Breezy with Drew Breeze tomorrow too!

To see more from today's conference please visit Amanda Caloia's blog here

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