Sunday, February 13, 2011

Too Cold to Get Out and Exercise? Try Mall Walking!

        Have you ever just gone to the mall just to get a good walk in? Chances are you're saying no to this question but did you know hundreds of people just go to the mall to exercise? Mall walking is a great way to get up, get active and if you want, do a little shopping!
       Walking a lifetime activity that anyone of any age can do! "Mall Walking" is exactly what it sounds like, you walk around the mall! How many times have you gone to one end of the mall, walked to the other end just end back at the same end from where you started? Or how many times do you go to the mall and come home just exhausted? Well that's because walking the mall is a great source of exercise! One perk is people can either join groups or go by themselves and just walk the mall! Another benefit is that it's free! No gym memberships, no 6 month trial, just get up and go! You're protected from the elements and no tough terrain to face. Another big perk of mall walking is getting out and meeting new people! Socializing is great because it allows you to meet new people and everyone loves networking! Another great thing about mall walking is that if a person gets too tired. They can stop, sit down and catch a breather. When you feel rested get back up and start walking!
You might not know it but in fact many people across America are doing this and malls are loving it! Having people in the mall earlier has the potential for more business. Malls usually open their doors bright and early allowing individuals an opportunity to come in and walk the mall without there being a lot of shoppers and distractions. Some stores take advantage of the opportunity and have special deals for the walkers.
       There are many guides that a person can pick up to learn more but one key piece of equipment you'll want is a pedometer. This will come in handy so you can log number of steps taken, number of miles walked and even calories burned!
      So if you're interested if being apart of a club or organizations just search the internet or ask around at the local mall. It seems today we're so busy with things in our lives that working out and our health get pushed to the side! If you're one of these people, then I encourage you to just try something as simple as walking around the mall. You owe it yourself and your health! So get up, get out and get active! Happy Walking!

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