Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lancaster Central School District On the Higher Side of Educational Productivity

The Center for American Progress now has an online interactive map on their website that allows users to see just where each school district rates for educational productivity. Why is this important you may ask? Well just how productive was the school you went to? 

      When I came across this information during class, I was curious to know where my home school district would end up. My home school district always placed a lot of emphasis on passing tests and I knew my district was very large. From the Full Report on my home school district I was able to see the enrollment number along with how many schools are actually in my district. I always knew numbers would be high with enrollment because I alone had 503 students in my graduating class. The enrollment was 6,232 and there are 8 schools within my hometown district. The district had the highest level of ROI (Return on Investment)  in both Basic and Adjusted. In the Predicted Efficiency Index it was shaded with the second highest ROI. I knew my hometown was predominantly caucasian with some other ethnic families sprinkled throughout the town and I found that 96% of people in the district were White. I was however very surprised to find that we have a high number of special education and low income in my district with a 16% special education and 14% low income. From here the user cane find how much money is being used and other financial statements. 
        I was very surprised to see other neighboring school districts around my hometown like Depew, Alden, etc. having just as high if not a little lower ROI. All seemed to do just slightly lower than Lancaster as far as percentage of students passing in Math and Reading but I figured these numbers would be much lower because these typically had a bad reputation as far as academics and graduating students was concerned. 
       I assumptions about Lancaster being as "perfect" and "elite" were spot on. From the time I was very young I was told Lancaster was the best at this and the best for this. Eventually you just start to believe it because you hear it so many times. As I grew older I started to see the results and started making my own opinion about the schools. This report has shown me a lot of valuable information that all teachers should know about a district before getting a job. It could be the difference between having a good job in a great district or having a job in a district that is struggling. Overall, I was happy with my findings and happy the information I uncovered supports my belief that Lancaster is a great school district. I'm happy to say I am a graduate of district that based on these findings seems to be one of the better districts. 

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