Sunday, February 6, 2011

EDU 470 Reflection 2.04.2011

It happens everyday without us even thinking about it. When you look at someone or meet someone you already have an idea of how you will categorize them in your life. It isn't until you get to know someone and develop some type of relationship with a particular individual that you then change your perspective on how you see that person. Stereotypes are absolute beliefs that all members of a group have a fixed set of characteristics. Think of some stereotypes that people usually make about others such as all asians like math and all mexicans like taco bell or all african americans are good at basketball. These are all common stereotypes but stereotypes not only hurt people but they block learning. Stereotypic thinking obstructs a search for new information. The willingness to engage in complex thinking is what students need. It's important for us as educators to put an end to these stereotypes because stereotypes can lead to stereotype threats and bullying. If students think that one race or group is naturally good at something or naturally smart at something it lowers the students self-esteem. Teaching isn't just about subject matter but about teaching good ethics, values and character to the students so that they can be a more well rounded and well educated person, open the new things and new ideas. One thing we as educators can educators to help diminish stereotypes is build a curriculum that incorporates different ideas from different races,cultures, religions, and socioeconomic class. Also address the topic directly and explain stereotypes in the class and explore ways on how to stop it with students.

As a junior in college I think back to my freshman year and all the stereotypes I had bottled up in my head. When I first came to orientation I had a blast and I assumed that college was just parties, having fun and pretty much everything you see in the movies. I thought all long island people were annoying with their weird little accents and I thought all fit and athletic looking people were physical education majors. I quickly learned that college is not all parties and everything the movie industry makes it out to be! I learned that some people from long island don't have accents and they can actually be pretty nice. I also learned not all fit and athletic looking people are phys. ed majors some are communications or athletic training. I feel if I wasn't open to learning about new environments and just everything there is about to know about different people and places I would have never learned what I know now! You can't just live your life with your set rules and assumptions on things, you have to take the rose colored glasses off and see things for how they could be.

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