Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anthony DiRienzo - Daily Burn

III. I thought Daily Burn was a great program and I really enjoyed using it. I loved the challenges feature and I think that's something that anybody could find essential to any workout because we all need challenges and to be honest some of them are pretty tough! I liked how it tracked my calories also because I know some days I don't eat enough calories and I feel tired so it was nice to see where I was at as far as my calorie intake especially when working out. Overall I thought this program was fantastic and I can't wait to show it to my family to help them become more fit and monitor their fitness. I currently do not use any other online exercise or nutrition tracker just because I didn't really know they existed. I always just kept a journal of my work outs but never even thought of using an online tool. Now that I know they exist I plan to find other programs as well as stay apart of the Rockstar Group because I find it really helps monitoring your fitness level. In addition to all the great features like sleep tracker and nutrition tracker you can actually see your results in charts and graphs. The graphs and charts defiantly added to my experience over the past 4 days because I was able to actually see my calories burned during work outs versus how many I was actually eating instead of just looking at numbers which can sometimes get confusing.  

IV. This website would be great for a physical education class especially accomplishing the recommended regents level for Learning Standard 1B. I would have students use the website to see where they are at as far as how much physical activity they're getting each day and see how they're doing with nutrition and diet and then from there I would have the students create a fitness plan. Each week students would have to blog about their progress and add challenges for themselves. Based on the information they receive I would sit down with each individual student and we would go over if there's anything they want to change for example a student might want to lose some weight so we would modify his/her fitness program to fit his/her needs. If there was a group goal in mind I might have them all agree on one group goal or challenge for that week and they'd have to motivate and work together with each one another to make sure that group goal is met. There is also a motivator section on the website that allows you to sign up a group so we could also use that feature for group goals. The possibilities are endless with this program and allowing students to create their own fitness plan and hopefully their fitness plans will continue even after the class or school year is over. 

V. An electronic tool I could see as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the recommended regents level for Learning Standard 1A would be using a program like Dartfish. Using Dartfish in a class room would give students the ability to see themselves performing movement patterns and provide them with automatic, instant or delayed visual feedback along with teacher feedback explaining what was done correctly and what needs to be worked on. This could be a great tool because many students may be visual learners and if they can see what they're doing wrong in a movement then they can try and fix what they're doing because sometimes hearing what you did wrong and how to fix it just isn't enough. I could break down movements and compare videos clips so students can see what correct form is versus what is poor form. These videos could also be put on dvd and sent through e-mail so at home students could practice movements outside of the class room and practice to become more efficient in that movement. Students could also take these videos and post them online and reflect after each class the progress they've made. I feel this program would help out a lot in helping students becoming competent and proficient in skills (6+3 across 3). Along with helping the students, Dartfish can also help teachers see the progress students make over a period of time and get to know student abilities, so they can help give feedback based on their needs in that particular skill. 

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