Monday, November 1, 2010

Day #22 of EDU 255 11/1/10 LAB C

       Get your compasses and grab your hiking boots because for Lab C it was all about Orienteering! 
       I was very excited but at the same time I was very nervous because this was the first time I had ever had to come up with progressions and activities for a lesson. After my lab I felt like I let myself down and that my lesson was very poor however, after asking TA's and peers and review my C-9 I found that I didn't do as bad a job as I thought which made me feel pretty good about myself and my ability to teach. My teacher evaluation form also gave me positive feedback with all 1's which is considered "High" in all the listed categories. 

      Here is a video of my lesson:
Feel free to leave feedback!

         One of the major things I will have to work on for next time will be making sure that the students are safe because that was a huge issue for my lesson. There were lots of objects on the floor and somebody could have seriously hurt themselves. I also didn't have the equipment ready. I misplaced the equipment and had to stop the class which made me very upset because I should of had the equipment right next to me. Along with these things I need to make sure I work on my Intratask Variation and Demonstrate more. Here you can find my Lesson Plan along with my Task Progression sheet.
         After completing my Time Coding I was able to see that I spent an extraordinary amount of time with instruction, so for Lab D I will be sure to have the class more active. Instruction is an important element of teaching so students understand what is expected of them but they also need to be active! Another thing I will be doing more of next lab is providing feedback to students on there skill. In my Feedback Analysis you can see that I hardly provided feedback to anyone in the classroom. If I did provide feedback it wasn't congruent to what I was teaching about. Here you can find my Content Development. Overall I feel as though my lab went okay. It wasn't my best performance but it's time like these that help us in the future so we don't make the same mistakes twice. I feel after looking at my video and the other various tools for measuring my performance that I will be better prepared for Lab D and that I will knock that Lab out of the park! 

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