Monday, October 18, 2010

Day #19 of EDU 255 10/18/10 LAB B2

It sure was cold outside but it didn't take long for the blood to get flowing! Today I taught Catching the Pull and passing with a defender! I thought my lesson went great! I really felt like everyone was being active and having fun while getting a better understanding of how to move with a defender in their path. I love watching the videos of my lessons because every time I watch them, it makes me more confident about my abilities to lead a lesson even if it is for only 4 or 5 minutes.
       The students for the psychomotor domain ran drills that were designed for them to maneuver around defenders and make completed passes to teammates at least 5 out 10 times. This attributes to NYS Learning Standard 1A and NASPE Standard 1. Students also were able to demonstrate the congnitive domain by reciting back to me the 3 cues and also demonstrating those particular cues (Look, Pancake, Move) This domain attributes to the NYS Learning Standard 1A and NASPE Standard 2.

Here is a video of my lesson:

It's one thing to just watch your video and see what you did right and wrong or what needs to be improved on but with the help my Verbal Transcript I was able to see what I say the word guys a lot and I use the words "All right" a lot. I was very pleased I didn't have very many words like "um" or have any real pauses in my lesson, it all flowed very nicely. I feel very confident using my voice and I like using that instead of a whistle. This lab I tended to not have my back to the "wall" and my back was to students sometimes but over all I thought I did a good job of providing feedback while still keeping an eye on all students. In my Feedback Analysis you will find that I was able to talk and provide feedback to more than 50% of the students. Now some things I have to work on are providing feedback that is congruent to what I'm teaching. It still something that I need to work on but it defiantly helped teaching for a longer period of time but providing congruent feedback is something I will strive for in LAB C. 
Another thing I very impressed with was how quickly I got the students active and how long they were active. From my Time Coding analysis I was able to see how much time was truly spent on activity and instruction. I was very pleased there was no time when students were waiting or time when I was setting things up. All my cones and everything were all ready and so that meant more time in movement. 
    Overall I was very pleased with my lesson and how well it went. I was very pleased with the time of activity the students were engaged in. I was also very pleased that nobody got bored with the game like drills. I think it was because not one team was dominating and everyone could have fun which is the most important part of the drills and things we do in class. I know I still have a lot to learn but looking back at my first lab to now it's very rewarding to see myself grow as an individual and teacher. It's also a great feeling seeing what I learn being put to practice and seeing myself succeed at putting that knowledge into action. LAB C is just around the corner so stay tuned for that! 

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