Friday, October 1, 2010

Day #13 of EDU 255 9/29/10 LAB B1

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately! When you live the life of a Physical Education student life is always active! Today I taught the backhand throw to a partner for Lab B1 and I thought it went really well! Professor Yang and the T.A.'s all seemed very impressed with my confidence and the use of my "P.E." voice. It excites me to see that all my hard work and practice and paying off! I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my ability to teach but I know I still have a lot to learn and I'm okay with that! Here the video of my lesson! Feel free to leave comments on what you liked and think I need improvement on! 
Overall I thought my lesson went very well. I thought my signal of attention was very clear for students to understand and when I counted down 3...2...1... they all did as instructed. Everybody understood that they needed to be alert and keep their eyes open for frisbees. The students understood the importance of safety. I felt my hook was funny and everybody could relate to being at a school dance and wanting to dance with somebody and I think it tied in with my cues perfectly. Although my cues were picked out for me, I feel as though I did a good job using my visual aid and demonstrating what each action should look like. I also made sure I demonstrated more than once and that my demonstrations were done at full speed in context of the task/activity. I thought my voice was very loud and very clear so everyone, no matter where they were could hear me and the T.A.'s liked how I kept my back to the wall so as I was talking to a student I could still look at other students. 

Some things I think I need some work on are demonstrating with common faults and also slowing things down and breaking down parts to show each step slowly. Another thing I need to work on is demonstrating too many things at one time. I know I showed students the activity and the challenge at once so for next I'll split them up and only when the students are ready will I demonstrate the challenge. Also I need to work on giving feedback that is congruent to my cues! Here is a copy of my TIMING CODE for this lesson. After completing my form I can see that I need to get the students active quicker and have them physically moving more and not do so much instruction at once.
All in all however, overall I thought my lesson was very well planned and I felt everything went smoothly. 

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