Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Class EDU 255 Fall Semester 2010

So it began another year at SUNY Cortland. This year as a junior meant I would be starting EDU 255, the second hurdle I would have to jump over in order to get that much closer to becoming a physical education teacher! 
       Everybody expects the first day to be super easy and all the professors will do is talk about the syllabus and then let the students go. Professor Yang's EDU 255 class was the exception! After a brief role call, we were asked by professor Yang to give a 4 minute lesson to a group of peers (pretending to be students) on a particular skill. The skill could be whatever we chose but it had to be 4 minutes. I was kind of sweating bullets because usually I like a little more time to prepare what I'll be teaching and what I'll be saying, but I finally decided to give a lesson on some different kinds of stretches a student could do in order to prevent injury and help get his/her muscles warmed up before activity. I've never encountered a type a teacher like professor Yang but I found that the mini lessons we were very helpful in a way that helps me in becoming a better teacher. After looking at the video of myself I was able to pick up little things that I can practice not to do and things that I seemed to do pretty well. I was very surprised by the request but what's life without a few surprises right? Professor Yang seems to be really passionate about what he does and it makes me want to be just as passionate about I want to do. If the first day was any indication on how the semester will be then I really look forward to being in this class! 

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