Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day#7 of EDU 255 9/15/10

Today in class our IA (Instant Activity) was a game called "Dragon Tag" this is a type of tag game where people are divided into two teams. The students from both teams stand in a line and place their hands on each others backs and the person at the beginning of the line is "the head" of the dragon and the person at the very end is "the tail" of the dragon. The head of the teams dragon must tag the tail of the other teams dragon. We played two rounds of this and then we did breathing exercises to help really project our voices and develop our "P.E. voice". After this we got into 4 groups that were pre determined by Nicole and we did almost a dry run of what we would be teaching on friday. We learned valuable tips from the T.A's and learned lots of things to avoid when teaching. When we finished with our groups we met up again and has a class discussion on some things that we've learned so far from class about teaching.

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