Friday, September 17, 2010

Day #8 of EDU 255 9/17/10 Lab A2

So today was the big day! Today was the day that we would be teaching a 4 minute lesson on a particular skill. The video of my particular lesson can be found below:                                  

Feel free to comment on what you guys think was done well and what needs improvement! 
*We're in school for a reason and to make mistake, if we weren't we would have jobs already!*

        I was excited/nervous for today! I had practiced over and over what I was going to teach and how I was going to word everything and over all I think my lesson went very well! Even though I wish I had a little more time to get through my lesson I was glad to be over prepared than under prepared. Some things I thought I did well with today was having a good Hook. I also felt I did a good job of making sure everyone was aware of the Safety precautions and that students needed to be aware of surroundings and other individuals in order to not injury themselves or others. I felt my Demonstrations were spot on and students were able to replicate what I showed them. I also felt my Closure was good because I was able to recap what the students learned and they were able to tell me what they learned so I know they were actually listening to what I was saying. I felt my Feedback was good given the amount of time I had to put students in an activity and get them to the next activity. I knew everyone's names and was specific on what they were doing right. 

    Some things I will need to work on for the next lab would be having a Protocol/Signal of attention. I should also work on giving the students clearer and more precise explanations of things. With more time I would be able to give more Feedback and work on Intratrask Variation. Also with more time I can work on my CFU Overall though, I feel this lab went very well and I'm sure there will be tons and tons of things that I will learn to make myself a better teacher and learn things to help spice up my lessons and be able to hit all the points referred to in the C9 form.


  1. I loved your lesson, Tony! You seemed very confident in what you were teaching. It shows that you took to heart all of the feedback you were provided and it is very clear that you studied your C9 form! Great work!

  2. Thanks Jenna! :) I was in front of the mirror for like 3 days haha