Friday, September 3, 2010

Day #3 of EDU 255 9/3/10

Freddie Mercury of Queen

The sun was up and we were outside again for the beginning of class! Professor Yang had us throwing around the frisbee again only this time working on getting the frisbee to a teammate while having a defender close by. This made us pivot and zig-zag all while keeping our eyes open for the frisbee. We learned about the  different elements involved to how students learn. Students learn by having a good example to learn from. They also learn from having a good demonstration of the activity and repetition. After a quick lesson outside he brought us inside to look at a video on the lead singer of Queen Freddie Mercury and what makes him a Rockstar. We then made a list of all the things that made Freddie a rockstar and came to the conclusion that being a rockstar is no different then being a teacher!

*I think the only other reason Freddie Mercury was a rockstar was because an awesome mustache!

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