Monday, September 20, 2010

Day #9 of EDU 255 9/20/10

Today we were outside and we were practicing our skills of throwing the frisbee and working around the defenders. The importance of us running and cutting and trying to get open was not just for game purposes but later we talked about some standards that need to be met and displayed when making a lesson plan. These requirements were either Health-related fitness or Skill-related fitness. We also touched on what a few of things on the lesson plan meant.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day #8 of EDU 255 9/17/10 Lab A2

So today was the big day! Today was the day that we would be teaching a 4 minute lesson on a particular skill. The video of my particular lesson can be found below:                                  

Feel free to comment on what you guys think was done well and what needs improvement! 
*We're in school for a reason and to make mistake, if we weren't we would have jobs already!*

        I was excited/nervous for today! I had practiced over and over what I was going to teach and how I was going to word everything and over all I think my lesson went very well! Even though I wish I had a little more time to get through my lesson I was glad to be over prepared than under prepared. Some things I thought I did well with today was having a good Hook. I also felt I did a good job of making sure everyone was aware of the Safety precautions and that students needed to be aware of surroundings and other individuals in order to not injury themselves or others. I felt my Demonstrations were spot on and students were able to replicate what I showed them. I also felt my Closure was good because I was able to recap what the students learned and they were able to tell me what they learned so I know they were actually listening to what I was saying. I felt my Feedback was good given the amount of time I had to put students in an activity and get them to the next activity. I knew everyone's names and was specific on what they were doing right. 

    Some things I will need to work on for the next lab would be having a Protocol/Signal of attention. I should also work on giving the students clearer and more precise explanations of things. With more time I would be able to give more Feedback and work on Intratrask Variation. Also with more time I can work on my CFU Overall though, I feel this lab went very well and I'm sure there will be tons and tons of things that I will learn to make myself a better teacher and learn things to help spice up my lessons and be able to hit all the points referred to in the C9 form.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day#7 of EDU 255 9/15/10

Today in class our IA (Instant Activity) was a game called "Dragon Tag" this is a type of tag game where people are divided into two teams. The students from both teams stand in a line and place their hands on each others backs and the person at the beginning of the line is "the head" of the dragon and the person at the very end is "the tail" of the dragon. The head of the teams dragon must tag the tail of the other teams dragon. We played two rounds of this and then we did breathing exercises to help really project our voices and develop our "P.E. voice". After this we got into 4 groups that were pre determined by Nicole and we did almost a dry run of what we would be teaching on friday. We learned valuable tips from the T.A's and learned lots of things to avoid when teaching. When we finished with our groups we met up again and has a class discussion on some things that we've learned so far from class about teaching.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day #6 of EDU 255 9/13/10

Today in class we took a quiz which I thought I did fairly well in! After the quiz we played Blob tag. Blob Tag is where one person is it and once they tag somebody then those two people link arms and they become "the blob" and try to tag more people. When 6 or people are linked up they can split into two blobs. After playing blob tag we talked about what we would be doing over the next couple of days. We found out we would be teaching friday and then proceeded with a demonstration by yours truly! I taught a very short lesson on setting the volleyball. Some things I did really well was getting the students involved and transition time. Some things I needed to work on were actually let them do the skill, assessing their ability and then knowing where to go from there. After my mini lesson we played "Ain't No Ants on Me" This was a game we played in order to work on our confidence. We need to be able to speak really loudly and this game makes you look at others and yell really loud or use our "P.E. voices". All in all I thought the class was very informative and really helpful because now I know some direction to take my lesson.

*On a side note Professor Yang told me I should signed to a major singing contract and that just made me feel really good about myself and my singing talents. It's nice to get someone's opinion that has never really heard me sing and then hear me and tell me I did a good job... so that really made me feel good and put me in a great mood for the rest of the day!

Here is a link to my band's old MySpace:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day #5 of EDU 255 9/10/10

Today we were in the gym and we were told get a partner and work on our forehand and backhand techniques. We then got into groups of 4 or 5 which were already set up by Mark. We introduced ourselves and had to think of our favorite song. After we did that, we were asked to stand in a circle and say the name of the person before us the song they sang and then say our name and sing our favorite song.

These are the names of the students and the songs they sang from memory:

Professor Yang - I'm only gunna break break break break break your heart.
Ben - Didn't start the fire
Andy - Feel it coming in the air tonight
Nicole - Revolution
Mark - Ride with the Wind
Holly - Lean on Me
Ryan - Keep on Rockin' in the Free World
Jeremy - We Will Rock You
Jack - It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you, but when we are apart I feel it too!
Jen - Get this party started
Kevin - Gimmie the Loot
Kayla - Just looking for a good time
Rachel - Just a lonely girl, livin' in a lonely world.
Greg - California Gurls
Rob - Your words just hypnotize me
Jenna - Barbie Girl
Myself - These eyes are cryin'...
Nick -Jessie's Girl
T.J. - I'm Blue
Laura - Free Fallin'

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day #4 of EDU 255 9/8/10

Today we were in the classroom (I was very surprised that we weren't playing a game or moving around) but today we went through our teacher candidate forms and look at all the different aspects that we would soon be graded on. We learned the importance of Instant Activity and how important it is to get students hooked and leaving them wanting more, so the next time they come into class they're eager and ready to participate!

*Here is a video from the first day of class... I'd love feedback on what you guys think I did right and some things that need improving!


1.) What is meant behind the idea that teaching is a goal-oriented activity is that the curriculum is determined by the content standards at the national, state and local level that clearly prescribe what students should know and be able to do in physical education. Each standard is broken down by grade level so teachers can identify what students at each age should know and be able to do. This means that we as teachers need to look at our goals and what the students need to learn. Then we need to come up with ways for students to learn the skills and better themselves to be able to build off the skills they already know, so when they move onto higher grades they can use the skills they've learned already to help them learn new skills.

4.) The process that teachers choose to use to teach content is important because that teacher has to choose a process that can reach a specific objective and reach specific goals. They need to be chosen intentionally. Learning experiences must be designed and developed for specific outcomes because "What is not taught often is not learned". Some goals might including teaching about fair play or positive social interaction and they require specific conditions and processes. Choosing a process to teach content  is crucial for students to get the most out of classes!

5.) The movement task - student response unit of analysis is so important in physical education because it's the heart of the instructional process. Movement tasks are content for students. This allows the students to work on a skill, practice and improve the performance of that skill. Teachers then get a better understanding of the students level of performance because then they get to asses the response of the students to determine an appropriate next teaching move. Students at this time can get feedback on their performance from teachers. Teachers design movement tasks as a progression of experiences to meet their objectives or goals. The movement task - student response unit of analysis also helps with the process of content development. All these things combine to help meet particular standards for students.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day #3 of EDU 255 9/3/10

Freddie Mercury of Queen

The sun was up and we were outside again for the beginning of class! Professor Yang had us throwing around the frisbee again only this time working on getting the frisbee to a teammate while having a defender close by. This made us pivot and zig-zag all while keeping our eyes open for the frisbee. We learned about the  different elements involved to how students learn. Students learn by having a good example to learn from. They also learn from having a good demonstration of the activity and repetition. After a quick lesson outside he brought us inside to look at a video on the lead singer of Queen Freddie Mercury and what makes him a Rockstar. We then made a list of all the things that made Freddie a rockstar and came to the conclusion that being a rockstar is no different then being a teacher!

*I think the only other reason Freddie Mercury was a rockstar was because an awesome mustache!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day #2 of EDU 255 9/1/10

So I've never done this before but I'm going to try and put up a new post for every class in 255 this semester. I want to get the most out of this blog and I feel it will be a great tool to use and look back on further down the road!

Today we were outside and got our bodies moving! Professor Yang had us playing Ultimate Frisbee! I love Ultimate Frisbee and I'm glad I got a chance to throw the ole fris around. Professor Yang walked around and tried to give feedback to all of us students. I really like when professors walk around and treat us as individuals because it makes me feel like I'm not just a number and the professor actually cares about me and is trying to help me better myself as a person/future teacher and help me succeed with the task at hand. He really surprised me with his ability to throw! After being outside he took us inside to show us a video to give us an idea on what we'll be doing for the rest of the semester. From the looks of video... I think this semester is going to be a blast!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of Class EDU 255 Fall Semester 2010

So it began another year at SUNY Cortland. This year as a junior meant I would be starting EDU 255, the second hurdle I would have to jump over in order to get that much closer to becoming a physical education teacher! 
       Everybody expects the first day to be super easy and all the professors will do is talk about the syllabus and then let the students go. Professor Yang's EDU 255 class was the exception! After a brief role call, we were asked by professor Yang to give a 4 minute lesson to a group of peers (pretending to be students) on a particular skill. The skill could be whatever we chose but it had to be 4 minutes. I was kind of sweating bullets because usually I like a little more time to prepare what I'll be teaching and what I'll be saying, but I finally decided to give a lesson on some different kinds of stretches a student could do in order to prevent injury and help get his/her muscles warmed up before activity. I've never encountered a type a teacher like professor Yang but I found that the mini lessons we were very helpful in a way that helps me in becoming a better teacher. After looking at the video of myself I was able to pick up little things that I can practice not to do and things that I seemed to do pretty well. I was very surprised by the request but what's life without a few surprises right? Professor Yang seems to be really passionate about what he does and it makes me want to be just as passionate about I want to do. If the first day was any indication on how the semester will be then I really look forward to being in this class!